BG Хостел Капана
Kapana hostel can accommodate up to 10 people. We can offer two double rooms, two single rooms with a possibility of accommodating two people in each single room and a mansard studio. Each room is equipped with a TV, fridge, air conditioning and Wi-Fi access. There is a free hot drink included to each overnight stay.
The mansard studio has a fully equipped kitchen corner. In addition it also gives our visitors the ability to take pleasure sightseeing directly from their own balcony. Some of the views visitors can enjoy are Nebet Hill, the Medieval Clock tower as well as the television tower both located at the top of Sahat Hill, the Dzhumaya Mosque, the Alyosha monument.
What we offer is the comfort and coziness home can offer at the heart of Plovdiv at reasonable prices.
For a longer stay we offer negotiable discount. Upon arrival it is necessary to call the telefone number from the contacts page. Accommodation without any previous reservation - before 8 p.m.

Information on prices: single room - 18 euro, single room with own bathroom - 22 euro, double room - 22 euro, double room with own bathroom - 30 euro, studio - 40 euro.
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